Ceramic bowl
Ceramic platter
Ceramic platter
A pair of Janus sofa
Pair of armchairs
Yellow and orange ceramic
BOUL armchairs
Free form low table
Tout bois chair
Cocktail armchair
Womb chair
Yellow ceramic ashtray
Black ceramic ashtray
8 model 693 chairs
Rare sofa
Horn mask
Devil mask
Pair of armchairs
10 Leggera chairs
Pair of 1669 armchairs
Rare ceramic bowl
Blue ceramic vase
Black ceramic ashtray
Black Banana bowl
Black Platform bench
Six cane chairs
Model 545 bookcase
Lounge chair & ottoman
Lounge chair
Pair of velvet armchairs
Pair of chairs model FD-184
Sofa model
Low table
Pair of modernist armchairs
Pair of amrchairs
Japan sofa model 137
White Navette ceramic lamp
Cugino coffee table
C275 side chair
Lovö dining table
Rare desk
Ceramic ashtray
Marble dining table
Decorative panel
Model 711 Floor lamp
Platform bench