Planter floor lamp
Five pale grey ceramic bottles
Important vase in ceramic
Three-seat ABCD sofa
Jewelry case
Suspension Soucoupe
Whist Lounge chair
Cansado daybed
4 chairs model M400
Paire de fauteuils modèle Brazilia ON1
Tabouret Berger
Four-seat sofa
Pair of Bwana armchairs model 152
Low table model MBR03
Pair of armchairs in velvet
Armchair model F444
Paire de fauteuils modèle P32
Pair of armchairs
Two-seat ABCD sofa
Ribbon chair 582 and Ottoman
Big Culbuto chair
4 Champagne chairs
Pair of ABCD armchairs
Rectangular low table
CM170 chair
Pair of Elysee chairs
Butterfly chair model F675
Fauteuil modèle Arka
Daybed named Air France Brazzaville
Zoomorphic ceramic
Armchair model F590
Chauffeuse CM190 et repose pied
Ceramic mask
Six CM196 chairs
Wall cabinet - Special commission
Sofa model 102-S
8 chairs
Stapple lamp
Ceramic jug model Hen
Ceramic jug / Vase model Cock
Wall light
Elysée low table
Frenchmans Cove table -  Special commission
Bear lounge chair
Pair of amrchairs