Cane chair
Round dining table
A pair of
Superleggera chair
Elysée low table
Important Janus sofa
A pair of Barrel chairs
Bubble chair
Mod. Courchevel low chair
Butterfly chair model F675
G2 floor lamp
rare model Dactylo desk
Pair of Culbuto chairs
A pair of Janus chairs
Marble low table
Three reflectors floor lamp
Pair of ON1 Brazilia ottomans
A pair of diabolo wall lights
Model n°207 chair
White ceramic lamp
Model 233 hanging light
Lamp model 571
10 amazing wall lights
Table lamp
A pair of armchairs
Yellow ceramic vase
Orange ceramic table lamp
Blue ceramic bottle
2 green and yellow ceramic bottles
3 glazed ceramic
Regent chair and ottoman
Tripode coffee table / Magazine rack
Claustra - Unique piece
Ceramic lamp
Double pedestal desk
Pair of A.R.P armchairs
Orange ceramic vase
Pragh armchair and ottoman
ESU 200-C (Eames Storage Unit)
A pair of wall light - Special commission
Pagoda sofa
Model C565 two-seat sofa
A pair of armchairs
G21 floor lamp
Adjustable wall light
Easy chair